Trusting & Developing Intuition

Course Description: Intuition is a combination of learning how to calm your mind and bring yourself into the right state of mind – like a deep state of mindfulness – so you can then receive and  trust your inner guidance. The other aspect is learning all the ways your intuition speaks to you.  It is very personal to you. I work with you to help you achieve a deeper state of calm and decipher which aspects of your intuition are the most active and easy to take to the next step.

Intuition coaching is all about going within, helping you hear and trust yourself. Along the way to getting calmer there will be aspects of your life that come up. It’s completely normal. This is where the coaching also comes in. I will help you process anxiety or fear, sadness, confusion, anger – whatever it is that keeps you from living in your flow. Your gifts WILL increase as you do this, and I will help you learn to identify what they are and how to take things further to apply to your everyday life.

About the Instructor: Catharine (she/her) is the author of three books: Divination Rules, Vibes from the Other Side, and A Little Bit of Intuition. She has taught courses on intuition, tarot, astrology and their applications to the healing process with the Edgar Cayce Center in NYC, The London College of Psychic Studies, and McGill University. She was a resident medium at Le Mélange Magique for nearly fifteen years in Montreal and created a successful Psychic Development Program. She can facilitate events as she did for the Montréal Healing Arts Society and various therapeutic settings. She holds her Reiki II training and combines this with her own experience of shamanism. “I am the hybrid of a compassionate medium, Clairvoyant, social worker and healer.” She is also a singer, costume designer, cat lover and a Monty Python fan.

Required Materials: None!

Required Knowledge: None!