What is a MiniCourse?

There are many ways to get involved in experiential learning outside of the classroom. MiniCourses is a program offered by the SSMU that offers affordable extra-curricular courses and workshops to the McGill Community. 

How long is a MiniCourse?

Most courses are between 6-8 weeks in duration (1 class per week). We also offer intensive (3-4 hours) workshops throughout the year!

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes are kept small (10-20 max) to maximize interaction between you, your classmates and the instructor. Students are able to take part in in-depth discussions and receive personalized guidance and feedback. 

What is a MiniCourse?

MiniCourses are held on weeknights or weekends and aim to encourage students to develop knowledge and skills that are useful both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to network, and ultimately explore a variety of topics without the stress of grading or time commitment.  Choose from a range of subjects that can help you explore your interests, build a new skill set, delve into a new hobby, or offer continued professional or personal development! 

Who can register for a MiniCourse?

MiniCourses are open to everyone! We are happy to offer our courses to the Montreal community. 

Where can I find the course schedule?

The course schedule can be found on our website: https://minicourses.ssmu.ca/winter-2022-courses/

How do I register?

To register:

  • Visit minicourses.ssmu.ca
  • Go to ‘Courses’ and select a course from the drop down menu
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “REGISTER”
  • Fill out the registration form and complete your payment via PayPal
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you by February 15, 2024

How much do courses cost?

Registration fees range from $65 to $80 (depending on the course) if you are a McGill Student. You must provide us with your student ID number to obtain the discounted rate. If you are not a student, you are still welcome to sign up for an additional $10. 

How do I pay for a course?

All transactions will be made through PayPal. We accept debit and credit cards. You will be provided with a link to pay online once you complete your registration form. 

What if there is no room left in the course?

If there are no spots left in the course, you may contact the MiniCourses Coordinator by email and ask to be placed on the waitlist. They will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available!

How will I know if I am officially enrolled in the course?

Course registration is on a first come first served basis. Once you sign up and complete your payment online (via PayPal), you will be effectively enrolled in the course. Look out for a confirmation email outlining more details a week before classes begin. 

If I don’t enjoy the course, can I get a refund?

Yes! You may get a full refund if you no longer wish to take the course. In order to get a full refund you must send an email to the MiniCourses Coordinator within 48 hours after the start of the first class. ***Intensive Workshops of 1-2 classes are non-refundable.

How do I withdraw from a course?

If you do not wish to participate in a course any longer, please email the MiniCourses Coordinator to remove you from the class list. Once your request has been approved, you are no longer obliged to attend classes. If you wish to discontinue the course after the refund period, you may stop attending, however you will not be issued a refund. Special cases may be considered. 

What if I want to enroll in a course that has already started/missed the deadline?

If there is still room in the course you would like to participate in, and you don’t mind that you missed a day or two, you are still welcome to sign up! Contact the MiniCourses Coordinator to complete registration. Please note however, no discount will be offered. 

How come the class I signed up for got cancelled?

After registration ends, if a course does not have enough participants, unfortunately it will get cancelled. You will be notified by email and offered a full refund or an opportunity to transfer into another course. It is likely we will offer the course again next semester in hopes that it will spark more interest!

Where can I find updates about courses?

We will do our absolute best to keep you informed about class cancellations, location changes and make up days via email. You can also find course updates by visiting the  ‘Updates’ page on our website or following us on Instagram!

What if I miss a class or can’t make it?

As a courtesy, if you will be absent for a class, make sure to inform the MiniCourses Coordinator and your instructor. We suggest reaching out to a peer or the instructor to find out what you had missed!

Once completed, will my course show up on my co-curricular record?

Absolutely! Thanks to myInvolvement McGill and McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS), your course will automatically show up on your record.