Introduction to Sound Healing Through Voice

Course Description: “Everything is vibration” is a popular quote attributed to Einstein. With this in mind, students are guided through the world of vibrational power, the mechanics of sound, and hands-on practice using the power of the voice. Each week, we will begin sessions by learning the background of vibrational healing, recent scientific findings, instrument categories and applying techniques. Students will be taught such subjects as Drum Therapy, Vocal Toning, Gong Therapy, Sound & Colour Therapy, as well as many other topics. Students do not have to be good singers and can opt to use a sound healing instrument (as per instructor’s suggestion), if much preferred! 

About the Instructor: Molly McGivern is an independent artist based in Hawaii with a certification in music therapy and sound healing from the University of New Hampshire and a McGill University Faculty of Psychology Graduate. I work in the performing arts as a writer, director and actor, and professional musician (classically trained in violin and guitar.)  Her initial exposure to Music Therapy as a practice was in a small Transylvanian town bordering the Romanian forest where she assisted in therapeutic workshops designed for patients who had reached severe stages in their diagnoses including autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. She now teaches music and practices Vibrational Healing in Hawaii. Students will be working off Molly’s upcoming book, Instruments That Heal.

Required Materials: None

Required Knowledge: None