The Foundations of Writing Horror

8 Classes

Time: 7-9pm (Sundays)

Dates: February 7, 14, 21, 28 | March 14, 21, 28 | April 4

Location: Online (virtual)

Price: $65.00 (CAD)

Course Description: In “How To Write Horror: A Beginner’s Guide To Scaring Readers,” we explore what makes a story unsettling, unnerving, and—most importantly—good. We’ll look at ways to mine ideas, create compelling creatures, flesh out realistic characters, and how to put it all together. We will be approaching short horror by breaking it down into easily digestible steps and giving writers the tools necessary to bring their monstrous ideas to life. Upon completion of this course students will have a finished short story and a polished query letter, as well as a collection of story ideas for future use. 

About the Instructor: Caitlin is an author and professional editor living and working in Montreal. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing, is a member of both the Horror Writers Association and the Quebec Writers’ Federation, and spends most of her time writing horror and experimental fiction. She’s been published for journalism, poetry, as well as creative non-fiction, and has spoken about horror literature at several Canadian conventions. Her workshop “Bikinis, Brains, and Boogeymen: How To Write Realistic Women In Horror,” was acclaimed by Yell Magazine, and her first co-authored collection, Read-Only: A Collection of Digital Horror, was released in June of 2017. If she’s not covered in ink or wading through stacks of paper, you can find her ranting about issues in pop culture or nerding out over a good book.

Suggested Materials:

  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Notebook + Pen or Pencil

Required Knowledge: None!