Solo Latino Dance

Course Description: Solo Latino was created for dancers at any skill level who love Latin & Ballroom dancing but don’t have a partner. Students will learn movement skills to great Latin & Ballroom music with social dance combinations and figures, working on hip action, footwork, rhythms, and including such dance styles as Mambo, Rumba, Cha Cha and more. Students will also work on their memory as new steps are added to the choreography every week. Have you always wanted to dance Salsa but don’t have a partner? This class was made for you!

About the Instructor: Marie (she/her) is a professional dancer, signer and dance teacher with 40 years experience, performing in more than 3000 shows over 4 continents. She studied in Montreal, New York and Paris, and holds a diploma from the Canadian Dance Teachers Association with a Highly Commended mention. “My greatest happiness and my highest achievement in life is the ability to stir in my students the joy of dance that animates my life. Whether it is Waltz, Cha Cha, Broadway or Tap, there is no more euphoric experience than moving your body through space to great music. I believe that everyone can enjoy dancing and have their life enhanced through dance. In my classes, I aim to inspire joy, teach technique and introduce choreography in the context of laughter and fun. While I guide and correct, I don’t make my students feel self-conscious or criticized. Dance and music have been my life’s work and my enduring passion. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than sharing that passion with my students. For that reason, at the end of every class I say, from the bottom of my heart: ‘Thank you for dancing with me.'”

Location: TBD

Required Materials: Comfortable Shoes!

Required Knowledge: None!