Interpersonal Skills: For the Academic and Professional Worlds

Course Description: Join this team of diverse students looking to develop and refine their soft skills for better efficacy in team and group dynamics. Each class offers a low-pressure, interactive, and high vibration session of exercises tailored to develop key soft skills such as active listening, adaptability, collaborating, and conflict resolution to name a few. Each student’s individual goals are sensitively addressed, worked and applied in these relaxed and, at times, entertaining classes.

About the Instructor:Molly McGivern is a writer and multi-disciplinary performing artist originally from San Francisco. Aside from her training at American Conservatory Theatre and her research in psychology and theatre at McGill University, she is most heavily influenced by her brief work with Theatre of the Oppressed founder, Augusto Boal, and drama therapy pioneer, Sue Jennings.

Location: Online (Zoom links will be provided)

Suggested Materials:

  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Journal
  • Pencil or Pen