Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

Date: February 2nd, 2019 (Saturday)

Location: 3501 Peel Street, Montreal (Main Floor)

Price: $65.00

Course Description: 

The same principles of learning that apply to walking, talking, playing a musical instrument, typing, whitewater canoeing, catching a ball, playing tennis, golf or just about anything else, also apply to reading.

Anyone can perform these activities in an amateur, untrained way, but to enhance our enjoyment and become more competent, we take lessons.

Want to:

  • Read 50 – 150% faster without loss of comprehension with our program?
  • Improve your retention of the ideas you read?
  • Concentrate better, especially in texts that do not hold your interest. Better concentration will improve comprehension?
  • Learn effective strategies to take on your work, study or project reading?
  • Enhance enjoyment of your leisure reading?

The Harris technique will enable you to read the easiest or the most difficult texts more quickly, while gaining the comprehension and appreciation you need and the enjoyment you want!

About the Instructor:

Steve Harris is a bilingual speed reading specialist. Since 1981 he has researched, developed and taught the applications of speed reading to work, study and leisure.

He teaches speed reading at Carleton, Ottawa, McGill, Queen’s and Guelph Universities. He is a continuing education instructor for the City of Gatineau and the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Education. He is a frequent instructor to Executive MBA programs at University of Ottawa and Queen’s University.

He has worked with the following organizations: Auditor-General of Canada, Bell Canada, AIT Corporation, Lockheed Martin , MDS, Mitel Corporation, Nortel, Superintendent of Financial Institutions, and many federal and provincial agencies and departments.

Materials Required:

  • Reading material & a work booklet (provided)!
  • Bring your own lunch (you will have an hour break)

Required KnowledgeThe ability to read (all levels welcome).