One 3 hour workshop!

Time: 4-7pm

Dates: February 25th, 2019 (Monday)

Room: TBD (on campus)

Price: $65.00

Course Description: Through ‘hands-on’ attack simulations, participants will learn to confidently deal with the fear, panic and confusion that occur during a violent confrontation. They will continuously be challenged, allowing them to channel that frozen fear into strength and empowerment. They will learn to confidently and assertively fight back, using full force, disabling responses against a fully padded assailant.

Workshop B: Course simulation content:

Dating situation:

  • Standing – embraced
  • Sitting in a car
  • Using passive resistance only, no striking

He has a knife:

  • Robbery turns to rape
  • Robbery turns to kidnapping
  • Any simulation they want

About the Instructor: Mr. George Manoli is one of Montreal’s leading authorities in personal safety education. He specializes in no-nonsense ‘hands-on’ attack simulation training, Karate and Judo. He is an expert lecturer on: (1) Women’s self-defence and date-rape prevention; (2) Bully-proofing children and teens; (3) Street-proofing children via abduction and luring simulations. He also assists and empowers rape & assault survivors for the CNESST.

Mr. Manoli has a Bachelor of education degree in Physical Education with over 35 years of teaching experience. He has a level 2 ‘National Coaching Certification,’ and holds a Black Belt 7th Dan in Koshiki contact Karate, a 6th Dan in Kenkokan Karatedo and a 1st Dan in Kodokan Judo. He has successfully represented Canada internationally at Koshiki Contact Karate Championships in Japan (1980), Venezuela (1983) and Australia (1985), reaching the winners podium at every international competition.

Presently, he runs his own Karate, Jiu-Jitsu / Anti-bullying club at the Beaconsfield Recreation Centre and continues his Judo training at the ‘Club de Judo Anjou.’

Materials Required:

  • Comfortable exercise clothing and a water bottle.

Suggested Materials:

  • Notebook + pencil (if desired).

Required Knowledge:

  • None!