Game Asset Creation

Course Description: Game Asset Creation is an Entry Level Course that will show students the production phase of creating various assets that will be used in a video game, such as character models, environments and other art assets. This may include tasks like modeling texturing and animating assets. Topics will include: Building the 3D Asset, Representing Simple Movements in Three Dimensions, and Animating Particles.

About the Instructor: Ameer Ally (he/him) is a 3D Generalist working in the Video Game Industry. His lifelong desire to be creative led his to pursue a career as a 3D Animator. His journey as a creative began at Herzing College, he then refined his process and skills at Campus ADN. As a Generalist, Ameer has been fortunate to work with, DSG Performance, Lowbirth games and Les Affranchis. His experience in teaching Video Game Assets has been at the college level, and he strives to make learning fun, engaging and accessible to all of his students. He believes deeply in student-centered learning and is always looking for new and creative ways to present the curriculum. His goal is to inspire the next generation to have confidence in their problem-solving skills and their creativity.

Required Materials: 

  • No texts or materials are required.
  • Program required: Blender and Unity (Free)

Required Knowledge: Basic understanding of computers