6 Classes (no classes March 2-6, 2020 for Reading Week)

Time: 5-6:15pm

Date(s): February 4, 11, 18, 25 | March 10 & 17 (Tuesdays)

Location: D G Divertissement, 3035 Saint-Antoine St W, Westmount, QC H3Z 1W8

Price: $120.00 – Paypal Only*

Course Description: This is a Pole dance fitness class open to all! We will teach you the basic technique of pole dance fitness and build up on it. You will build strength with emphasis being placed on the core and back muscles, but it is truly a full body workout. Every move you do gives you a great stretch, creating long lean muscles. You will feel stronger, your body will begin to tone and tighten, and you will feel muscles you never knew you had. At the end of the session you will have completed several pole dance spins including the 3 fireman spins, carousel, sundial, dolphin, half hook and more.. along with combos, static poses, floor work and a complete pole dance routine. Our philosophy is all about focusing on progress, every class is an opportunity to learn new and challenging movements. Each class brings you closer to achieving your personal fitness and pole goals. A great class to make new friends, get inspired, have fun, get fit and learn to FLY!

Dress code: Comfortable workout clothes, leggings or shorts, and a tank
top or T-shirt are perfect. Bare foot or with heels that have ankle straps. Remember, the more skin you have exposed the more you can grip
on the pole! Avoid wearing lotion the day of class.

About the Instructor: Sara Flame started pole dancing in 2008, she fell in love with the spinning and flying aspects of this sport right away. After many years training in Pole dance, Gymnastics and Burlesque, she became certified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She started teaching private and group Pole Dance Fitness classes in 2014. Sara’s motto is “Eat green, train mean!” a plant based diet and exercise transformed her from a junk food addicted couch potato, into a trainer, pole dancer & martial artist.

Seeing how incredible it felt to reach her fat loss and performance goals, made her passionate about guiding others along their fitness journey. Through her continuous study in the fields of physical fitness and nutrition, she learned what it takes to see results and keep them long term. With a degree in psychology she understands the principles of motivation. She empowers her students with the most up to date, relevant information and techniques, personalized to fit their individual aspirations. With a little support and effort, you are bound to be successful.

Suggested Materials:

  • Water bottle

Required Knowledge:

  • None!