Speaking with Confidence

Course Description: Do you feel and appear confident when speaking to others? This could be for a job interview, a sales pitch, or for a very important presentation? Do you know how to prepare a presentation to engage a crowd? Knowing how to prepare a presentation is one way to build your confidence when presenting to a small, medium or large crowd. This workshop has been designed to help you better understand who you are as a presenter and how you can engage the many different personality styles within a crowd. 

About the Instructor: Nicole (she/her) grew up in the restaurant industry. “Both my grandfather and father owned family businesses, and currently my dad still owns our family pub in Guelph. After graduating from my undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph I entered into the food distribution industry with Gordon Food Service. I worked for Gordon Food Service for close to four years when an unexpected event changed the person I have become today. Just when my career and personal life were moving towards the goals and dreams I had set out for, instantly they were shattered. I will never forget hearing my dad’s voice on the other end of the phone as he said “I am sorry but your mom has cancer.” Although I knew that cancer was prevalent in our society, I never thought it would touch and eventually take the most instrumental woman in my life. This is where my journey towards teaching began…a journey that did a complete 360 degree turn. Instead of being angry about the loss of my mom I decided the best way to honour her memory is to live each day to the fullest and to continuously believe that ‘anything is possible.’ I never thought teaching was possible because I was always afraid to go out of my comfort zone. My mom taught me to go after my dreams and because of this I found teaching!! I don’t consider teaching a job but rather an honour that I will never take for granted. I have a new energy for life and this energy allows me to pass on the support and continuous guidance to my students as they go through their own challenges and journeys in life. I am a full-time teacher at Humber College, as well as a facilitator for a leadership company. My passion is to help others realise their full potential and to develop the skills and confidence needed for public speaking and facilitation.”

Required Materials: None!

Required Knowledge: None!