Intermediate French Conversation

Atelier de conversation française (niveau intermédiaire)

Course Description: This interactional Zoom session focuses on practicing oral French through conversation, games and various roleplays. In a fun atmosphere, you will improve your vocabulary, fluidity and be more confident when you speak. Qu’est ce que tu attends?

About the Instructor: Valentin is an experienced French as second language teacher & TEFaQ examiner working in the French Department of Dawson College. Holding a Bachelor’s degree and a Master in Didactics of French, he loves using his creativity to create games, role-play, and discovering other cultures. He has the deep conviction that making mistakes is the best way to learn a language.

Suggested Materials:

  • Computer, laptop or tablet

Required Knowledge:

This course is for me if:

  • I can converse but I still miss a lot of vocabulary.
  • I understand relatively well when I listen to a conversation.
  • I still have difficulty expressing complex ideas.
  • I still make mistakes with certain conjugations and grammar rules.
  • I know how to use past tenses (passé composé et imparfait) but I still make mistakes sometimes.

Price: $65.00 (CAD)