Intuitive Development – cancelled

Course Description: We all have intuition whether we are aware of it operating in our lives or whether it’s a program running in the background of our minds, but everyone has it and everyone can increase it. In 2018 Catharine was asked by Sterling Ethos in NYC to write a book on Intuition for a series of books. In the fall of 2019 A Little Bit of Intuition was launched and has sold 10,000 copies. This course takes you through the book and helps you uncover and expand your use of intuition in daily life – tackling some of the slippery slopes along the way to self trust.

About the Instructor: Catharine is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Astrologer and author of A Little Bit of Intuition and Vibes from the Other Side (April 2022)She teaches people to develop their intuitive skills and beyond, offering online tarot classes, astrology, and has an active YouTube presence. Catharine also has a podcast every Monday at 8pm called The River Rain Show. She loves to sing and perform, and has trained in haute couture and interior design. She lives in Montreal, Canada.

Required Materials:

  • A Little Bit of Intuition: An Introduction to Extrasensory by Catharine Allan

Price: $65.00 (CAD)