Introduction to Drawing

Course Description: This introduction to drawing class is a studio-based course that introduces the student to develop their practical skills in drawing. The student will be given instruction in drawing techniques as well as methods of observation. These lessons will guide him/her through each step of the process from learning contour and gesture drawing, negative and positive space, blind contour, shading and textures. This course is ideally suited to the student who is new to this medium as well as the student with experience, looking to refresh and renew their basics drawing skills.

About the Instructor: Genevieve Sideleau lives and works in Montreal where she earned her Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University. She has exhibited in Montreal, Ottawa, Northwest Territories, Boston, South Korea, and Serbia with a multidisciplinary practice involving painting, drawing, printmaking, installation and object-based work. Her practice communicates a vision of the human condition and focuses on society’s overlooked and discarded. Sideleau is an art instructor working in several art centers in Montreal. You can find her work in private and public collections across Canada, the United-States and abroad.

Required Materials:

  • Sketchbook (acid free paper, larger is better no smaller than 8″ x 10″
  • (2) pieces of compressed charcoal
  • Set of H and B graphite pencils (or you can pick a few 9B, 6B, 3B, HB, 3H, 6H, 9H
  • (1) pen (any kind of pen, blue, black or brown)
  • (2) Contés in pencil or stick form (sanguine, sepia, gray, any neutral except for black)
  • (1) Large pad of newsprint (around 22″ X 28″ or 24″ X 30″)
  • Sharpener or exacto knife
  • (1) Artgum eraser (beige/brown block) and (1) kneaded eraser
  • (1) box of willow charcoal (any type)
  • (2) different colored sheets of Canson paper (any color except black, around 22′ X 28″ or 24″ X 30″)
  • (2) large metal paper clips
  • Roll of paper towel or rags (ripped old t-shirts work great)
  • Apron or old shirt (optional)

*Please contact the instructor for any questions regarding materials: *

Required Knowledge: None!