Vinyasa Yoga

6 sessions

Time: 6-7pm (Wednesdays)

Dates: June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 | July 7

Location: Online (virtual)

Price: $65.00 (CAD)

Course Description: Vinyasa Yoga is a modern approach to an ancient practice that works the entire body-mind-spirit system through repeated exercises that develop strength, flexibility, awareness and joy! Vinyasa as a style is a fun and dynamic method that marries breath to motion to still the mind into a moving form of meditation. Vinyasa is a great style of yoga to break through personal barriers, develop core strength and cardio, laugh at yourself and feel super rewarded with an ever-developing sense of deep relaxation. Coming into these last and hardest yards of the pandemic may again be a test to all our spirits. Maybe your mind is fried from screens, or in dear need of a sense of place within the community. Confinement and social distancing have allowed us the time and space to come closer to ourselves, and understand our priorities and rhythms like never before. However, our futures can still seem uncertain. Choosing to focus on what we can control, namely our bodies, minds and breath, develops a sense of authority and purpose. It is through this authority that we may face the demands life puts forward with energy and patience. This is the magic of yoga.

About the Instructor: Kelly Davis, RYT-500, is an artist and yogi based in Montreal. Her life-long fascination with the power of the human body has allowed for exploration in multiple disciplines of yoga and meditation, professional-level experience in acting and contemporary dance, as well as the study of somatic movement practices for both creative and spiritual pursuits. Kelly’s current yoga practice revolves around the site of the breath as a means to connect the exterior to the interior, the unconscious to the conscious, and to play with rhythm and time to create whole body awareness. Borrowing from isometric bodywork, Zen philosophy, and deeply influenced by the syncretic Katonah Yoga approach developed by Nevine Michaan, Kelly brings her unique perspective to a practice that can evolve with students as they grow and change. Most importantly, she strives to make her classes light-hearted and fun in tandem to develop a deeply grounded, intimate feeling of embodiment. Students leave her class feeling bright and energized with lots of laughs to flow the joy of yoga back into the rest of their lives. Kelly is inspired by the power of yoga to transform and heal through consistent practice. A belief in the power of physical expression drives her passion to teach and guide students to step into their power with plenty of self-care and compassion. Kelly encourages students to settle into themselves to hear and experience the primordial wisdom of their human bodies. Through her classes, she strives to develop an atmosphere that will stimulate and challenge students of all levels to work from a deeper place of healthy, integrated self-knowing. Ultimately she invites students to be their own authority to ever expand into a fuller expression of their true nature.

Required Materials:

  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Thin blanket or towel (optional)
  • Yoga blocks and strap (optional)

Required Knowledge: None!